Ulrich Witzmann


Iglesia Católica Sankt Georg en Nieder-Olm

Proyecto: Arte Sacral para la Iglesia Católica de Nieder-Olm
Consta de : Fuente Bautismal, Atril, Candelero de Cirio Pascual y Lampadario de velas.

For the St. Georg Catholic Church in Nieder-Olm, Germany Ulrich Witzmann created four objects, which come together to create an extraordinary ensemble.

An artistic ensemble composed of a Baptismal Font, Ambo, Paschal Candleholder, and a Votive Stand build a perfect balance. Uniting each of the four objects is a clarity of form which harmonizes with the overall architecture of the church.


During the selection of the materials to be used in the pieces, the artist paid particular attention to their symbolic character.

The clay and loam represent the creation and birth. The glass symbolizes the transparency, innocence, and light. The wood embodies the deep roots of the religion. The metal stands for the strength and resilience of faith.

The Baptismal Font is made of a round sphere cut in two, symbolizing the cell from which life emerges. The blue decorative element on the rim of the font stands for the River Jordan and the baptismal waters that it offers. The three blue dots are in honor of the following baptismal sites that are described in the Gospel. The Illumination from underneath the basin symbolizes the first moment in which the light of life is beheld.

With its 44 lights, the Votive Stand was long wished for by the congregation and is also imbued with deep symbolism. The ceramic candle holders in a deep red and white glaze come together in varying sizes to warmly embrace each visitor to the House of Worship. The collective light from the 44 candles helps to create a warm meditative atmosphere which offers all who come inner spiritual peace.