L’ Alcúdia Place in Nieder-Olm

In the middle of the new residential district of “Weinberg II” in Nieder-Olm Ulrich Witzmann designed with style and grace a special meeting place called “L’Alcúdia Platz”. The original L’Alcúdia, located in Valencia, Spain, has been the sistercity of Nieder-Olm since 1989. Since then, the regular cultural and culinary exchanges between the two cities have become synonymous with “friendship". For the citizens of Nieder-Olm, the partnership between the two cities over the past 18 years has been a cornerstone in developing mutual understanding and respect.
Visitors will be immediately struck by the architectural symbiosis between the traditions of Spain and Germany; this cross-cultural harmony symbolizes the coming together of these two cities and nations. Towards that end, the walls are painted in a Mediterranean ochre which warms the area with a welcoming embrace. The pleasantly rejuvenating waters of the Witzmann’s WaterART offer visitors
moments of tranquility.
As the artist explains: “As I was making my designs, it was very important to me that I capture the essence of the two cities.” For this reason, he commissioned a ceramic artist from L’Alcúdia to create the heraldic shield of his home city. Through such sensitive and innovative touches, Witzmann made sure that the citizens of Nieder-Olm and L’Alcúdia would feel at home in the new residential area of Weinberg II. As the artist goes on to explain: “The goal was to make L’Alcúdia Square an ideal meeting place for everyone.”