Ulrich Witzmann


WaterART contemporary fountains for garden, deck and patio


WaterART for Garden, Deck & Patio

The stunning diversity of Witzmann’s ceramic WaterART matches the individuality of today’s gardens and balconies. Inspired by the forms found in nature and augmented by the sleek lines of our modern world, Witzmann’s work harmonizes as well as energizes today’s living and working spaces.
Unlike other fountains, Witzmann’s unique WaterART pieces continue to be a pleasure even in the winter. Thanks to their superior craftsmanship and materials, these pieces can remain outdoors all year round. Through the unique combination of beveled surfaces and colorful ceramic forms, the WaterART CACTUS bring water to life. Designed for both indoor and outdoor living, the extraordinary WaterART pieces create a peaceful and sensual oasis and center of harmony in today’s hectic world. The gentle sound of the flowing water provides a pleasant natural melody, which delights the senses and calms the soul.The gentle cascades of water that flow perpetually down the ceramic towers, pool briefly on each level, before forming magically iridescent pearls which dance along the water’s surface.
Ulrich Witzmann’s CACTUS series was inspired by the Queen of the Bromeliads, the wondrous “Puya de Raimondii” which grows in the Peruvian Highlands.