Ulrich Witzmann



Spa & Wellness

The individual and unique WaterART designed by the ceramic artist Ulrich Witzmann promise pure relaxation.
Through the unique combination of beveled surfaces and multicolored ceramic forms, the WaterART CACTUS series bring water to life. The gentle cascades of water which flow perpetually down the ceramic towers pool briefly on each level, before forming magically iridescent pearls which dance along the water’s surface.
Designed for both indoor and outdoor living, the extraordinary WaterART pieces create a peaceful and sensual oasis and center of harmony in today’s otherwise hectic world. The gentle sound of the flowing water provides a pleasant natural melody which delights the senses and calms the soul.
Aside from their aestheticism, Witzmann’s WaterART also provide a pleasant temperate environment in otherwise arid rooms, thereby helping to create a tranquil yet energized atmosphere.
Ulrich Witzmann’s CACTUS series was inspired by the Queen of the Bromeliads, the wondrous “Puya de Raimondii” which grows in the Peruvian Highlands.