Development Project in Aylambo/Peru

Between 1984 and 1988 I worked in an interdisciplinary development project in the Peruvian highlands as an expert from the German Development Cooperation CIM/GTZ. On that capacity, I worked at Aylambo, an apprenticeship workshop lead by the local University of Cajamarca, a poor area with scarce water, no electricity and poor funding.

My job consisted in training and qualifying young potters in ceramic production for the regional consumer market, and developing ceramic technology compatible with local resources.

My collaboration with the Aylambo project produced a generation of skilled potters that went on to set their own ceramic workshops. Another emphasis of my work was in the design, construction and operation of efficient wood-burning kilns able to reach temperatures around 2100 F (in a region at 2800m -9200 feet- in altitude) in order to fire lead-free glazed tableware.