Ulrich Witzmann



Sense Objects

"Sense Objects" are interactive sculptures for indoors and outdoors, which invite all your senses to touch, feel, smell and hear.

"When one's mind and senses are attracted to sense objects for enjoyment, the mind becomes agitated" Srimad Bhagavatm

An enabled garden in a nursing home helps achieve both accessibility and functionality, using concepts such as raised garden beds, modified tools, and wider pathways. Our Sense Objects are ideal for these environments, since they motivate the elderly to get to the next sculpture and help them connect experiences from the present (sounds, smells, etc.) to very old memories.
Thanks to the high quality materials, excellent craftmanship and special design, our Sense Objects will give joy to residents, nursing staff and visiting families of all ages.

Prices Sense Objects 2013

Sense objects Heigth Price
105 cm € 1,530
115 cm € 1,680
105 cm € 1,580
76 cm € 830
85 cm € 910
76 cm € 880
100 cm € 1,180
110 cm € 1,380
110 cm € 1,230
110 cm € 1,230

Prices include 19% Taxes, however shipping is not included.